Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hawaii was fabulous!

Yes - we just got back from Hawaii!
It was amazing! We went with Chad's parents and all his siblings. Our four kids were lucky enough to spend the week and a half with my parents and my sisters all helped out as well. Thank you family! This picture is from the Waiemea Falls area. This is atop the Pali Lookout - it is at the top of one of Hawaii's mountains and it is soooo windy! I had to keep a hold of my hat so it didn't go sailing.
It rained quite a bit, but Hawaii rain is wonderful. Downpour for a few minutes, then it's gone. We were driving past the temple and saw this double rainbow going over it (the second one is harder to see, but it is there!) Talk about a once in a lifetime shot!
This is just one of the amazing shots we got - this is overlooking what is called Rabbit Island, near Mokapuu Beach. Just stunning colors everywhere we looked!
I caught the waves crashing onto the rocks at Hanauma Bay - we went snorkeling here and saw some beautiful fish.
If you have never been to Hawaii, and you ever get the chance, go! It is everything you ever heard. Now that we have gone together, we would love to take the kids when they get older. The beaches are so enjoyable. We just had a great time and were able to spend a lot of time with Chad's parents, which doesn't happen very often. We are so grateful to Chad's family for a great vacation together and my family for helping us make it possible. Mahalo!
(means Thank You in Hawaiian)

Yeah, I'm a slacker, big time!

Wow - I have been lazy!

So, as you can all relate, life just slips by so quickly and I just realized how neglectful I have been. So, here is what we have been up to this summer:

Here is Andrew on the day of his blessing in June - what a sweetheart!

And here is the new Wright Fam all together... Spencer turned 3 years old on June 29. He loved getting these real tools and I (Melissa) made the tool belt to hold them all. Now he can really "help" Chad instead of trying to use his plastic hammer and getting all frustrated because the nails just won't go in! Too bad he doesn't look excited, eh?
Our Stake (Kearns East) was invited to participate in the Youth Parade for the Days of '47 in Salt Lake City. Our float was themed "Hands Around the World". Kaelynee was dressed as a pioneer (she's the one in the blue dress and bonnet).
I also dressed as a pioneer (blue dress) and Marcus chose to go as a Missionary. He even got to wear a REAL Missionary badge with his name on it! Elder Wright! Lucky Chad got to sit and watch the whole parade with Andrew and my parents. He just loves a good parade!